Tips - association of sounds

It is against the rules to say “sounds like” or “rhymes with”, but you can make your teammates say words out loud that you think will trigger their memory.

Example: Say the word that comes up is “Sony stereo”. I can get them to say “Sony” fairly easily - “this is the company that created the Playstation and Walkman”. When it comes to stereo though, my teammates may say “audio”, “mp3 player”, “sound system”, etc. After they dance around the word for a while and don’t seem to be getting to it, I may give them the clue “this is what you do when you’re looking intensely at someone.” “STARE. OHHHHh. stereo!”

Legal and great way to get your teammates minds working the way you want them to.

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Tips - acting things out

A lot of time when the pressure’s on, you get mental blocks that affect your ability to articulate. This is why you should always think about acting out words.

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Tip - Grammar Terms

When trying to describe words, it’s very useful to know terms that refer to parts of speech. For instance, if “The Wrestler” were the phrase you were trying to describe, you would probably concentrate on “wrestler” first. Once you got your team to guess “wrestler”, you would then have to make them say “the”. This is easy if you know that “the” is a definite article.

Ok, so this is what Hulk Hogan’s profession is. Right, “wrestler” is the second word. Now add a definite article beforehand. “The Wrestler”

Another helpful term to know is “gerund”. A gerund is a verb that ends in “-ing”. Using this term will help you tell your team that they need to add “-ing” to the end of the word they’ve already said. So if the word you need to get your team to guess is “dunking” you can reference a “gerund ending”.

Ok, this is a move in basketball. You slam BLANK. Right - “dunk” is part of the word. Now make it a gerund. Add the gerund ending. “Dunking”.

Read about more parts of speech here: English Grammar

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