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Buzzword Frenzy
Think of your old favorite multi-player word games on STEROIDS. Whip out Buzzword Frenzy in any setting and watch a party explode! With 3 game modes, loads of options, and an ever-expanding word list, Buzzword Frenzy is right for any occasion. Come see what the buzz is about!
Red Red Red Red


  • • Smart game scoring
  • • Multiple time settings
  • • One click look-up of words after rounds
  • • Review each word's time after a round
  • • Saved game states during interruptions
  • • Pause button functionality
  • • Over 8000 words and growing everyday!


  • • More Words!
  • • More Categories!
  • • Compelling presentation of player data
  • • Multi-device functionality

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Buzzword Frenzy

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